For dogs of all ages

Learn the skills to help you and your dog live happily together.

In six sessions, this class focuses on positive reinforcement and teaches such behaviors as Watch, Recall, Sit and Sit Stay, Down and Down Stay, Go to Bed or Mat, Off, Take It, Leave It, and also leash walking.

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Richard Fischhof professional Atlanta dog trainer

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Basic Manners Class

Richard Fischhof professional Atlanta dog trainer

We Train Family Dogs to Be Their Happiest, With Positive Solutions

Richard Fischhof, M.ED., CPDT-KA, CTC is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who uses force-free training methods for best results. He works to incorporate your dog’s training into your daily life and keeps it fun for you both.

Why Us?

Problem Behaviors

We offer positive solutions for a myriad of behavior issues such as aggression, resource guarding, housemate rivalry, excessive barking, leash pulling, fears and phobias, and more.


Richard is a certified professional dog trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the Atlanta metro, recommended by area veterinarians.

Puppy K and Basic Manners Classes

Our Puppy Kindergarten classes at VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital have been running for 10-plus years and continue to receive rave reviews. Puppies can graduate to Basic Manners class where we raise the criteria and add in distractions.

Force-Free Dog Training

This is the most humane way to train dogs, and studies show that dogs learn better with non-aversive methods. The training is enjoyable for both dogs and owners.

Dog Safety for Kids

“Be A Tree” focuses on fun, interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and act safely around dogs. Richard is a proud presenter. To schedule a presentation for your child’s class, call

Zoom Dog Training

During the pandemic, Richard pivoted to training on Zoom – and appeared in the Wall Street Journal and on the local news. He has trained dogs from New York to Illinois, and even a Poodle in Nice, France!

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Tips for Training Your Dog Via Zoom: Sit, Stay, Don’t Lick the Screen
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He Tells Dogs to Sit, but Now at a Screen


Right away! We can either do private lessons in your home, or Puppy Kindergarten class for puppies ages seven to 14/16 weeks.

We train all breeds, all ages, and all sizes – from a tiny Teacup Poodle to a giant breed such as a Great Dane.

No, any dog can learn. The old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not true.

Both — we start in the house with no distractions and gradually progress to the outdoors where there are more distractions.

It depends on you and your dog – you do have to practice, be consistent, and work with your dog in-between sessions.

No, I do not offer that service but I can refer you to those who do.