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We understand that dealing with unruly dog behavior can be challenging and that every dog requires personalized attention. That’s why we offer private, in-person, and virtual obedience training programs to cater to the unique needs of both you and your beloved canine companion.

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Tucker Puppy Training

For puppies ages 7 to 16 weeks
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VCA Briarcliff Animal Clinic
4 Classes for $175

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Basic Manners Class

For dogs of all ages
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Mason Mill Park Recreation Center
6 Classes for $225

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Richard Fischhof professional Atlanta dog trainer

We Train Family Dogs to Be Their Happiest, With Positive Solutions

Meet Richard Fischhof, M.ED., CPDT-KA, CTC, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Tucker, GA, specializing in force-free training methods. With a focus on addressing aggressive and unmanageable dog behaviors, Richard offers private, in-person, and virtual Tucker K9 training services. His expertise lies in obedience training, incorporating it seamlessly into your daily life while making it enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. Your personalized and effective training plan, that promotes a harmonious relationship with your dog, no matter the location or behavior challenge, awaits.

Have the well-trained, obedient dog you’ve always wanted

Gain the skills and knowledge to enjoy a great relationship with your dog

Get success by working at your dog’s level and understanding how dogs learn

Serving Pets and Their Families Across Tucker, GA for 15 Years

Richard has trained hundreds of happy dogs.
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Why Us?

Problem Behaviors

We provide positive solutions for various behavior issues, including aggression, resource guarding, excessive barking, leash pulling, fears, phobias, and more. Our goal is to help you establish a strong bond with your dog based on respect and trust, resulting in a well-mannered and obedient companion. With our expert guidance, you can overcome behavior challenges and create a harmonious relationship with your pup.


With over 15 years of hands-on experience, Richard is one of Tucker’s most recommended certified professional dog trainers by area veterinarians for in-person, virtual, and private obedience training. Richard is experienced in all sorts of K9 behaviors from aggressive to overly-excited, he has seen and worked with it all.

Puppy K and Basic Manners Classes

Adding a puppy to your family calls for a celebration! Why not treat your puppy to in-person Puppy Kindergarten classes that attendees can’t stop raving about. Our Puppy Kindergarten classes at VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital, Tucker, GA have been running for 10-plus years. Puppies can graduate to Basic Manners class where we raise the criteria and add in distractions.

Force-Free Dog Training

Looking to connect with your dog, strengthen your relationship, encourage cooperation and foster mutual trust? Or maybe your dog is showing aggressive behaviors that you want to correct? Enjoyable for both dogs and owners, our force-free obedience dog training is backed by studies showing that dogs learn better with non-aversive methods and is the most humane way to train dogs.

Dog Safety for Kids

Your pup and your kids are part of your pack. It’s important that they’re able to coexist in a loving, healthy manner. Richard proudly helps with just that. “Be A Tree” focuses on fun, interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and act safely around dogs. To schedule a presentation for your child’s class, call 404-626-0036.

Zoom Dog Training

Want the comfort of training from your home? What about training from your home without having to change out of your sweatpants? Our virtual training option is the right one for you! During the pandemic, Richard pivoted to training on Zoom – and appeared in the Wall Street Journal and on the local news. He has trained dogs from New York to Illinois, and even a Poodle in Nice, France!

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In-person dog training provides the opportunity for direct interaction between the trainer, you, and your dog. This hands-on approach allows the trainer to observe your dog’s behavior closely, offer immediate feedback, and demonstrate techniques effectively. In-person training sessions also facilitate socialization opportunities, allowing your dog to learn and interact in real-world environments.

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Private dog training offers personalized attention and focused sessions dedicated solely to you and your dog. With one-on-one instruction, the trainer can tailor the training program specifically to your dog’s needs, addressing any behavioral issues, including aggression, in a private and controlled environment.

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Yes, obedience training can be instrumental in addressing aggression issues. By teaching your dog basic commands and reinforcing positive behavior, obedience training helps establish a foundation of discipline and control. This can assist in managing and modifying aggressive tendencies, as your dog learns appropriate responses and gains self-control in different situations.

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Virtual dog training allows you to receive professional guidance and instruction from the comfort of your own home. Using video calls and online platforms, virtual training sessions enable trainers to observe your dog’s behavior, provide feedback, and guide you through training exercises remotely. Virtual training is convenient, flexible, and an effective option for addressing obedience and behavior concerns.

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While in-person training offers direct physical interaction, virtual dog training can still be highly effective. Through video calls, trainers can assess your dog’s behavior, offer customized training plans, and demonstrate techniques in real-time. Virtual training allows for consistent and convenient sessions, ensuring that you receive expert guidance to address obedience and behavior concerns successfully.

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The duration of private or in-person dog training programs can vary depending on several factors, including the specific training goals, the complexity of the behaviors being addressed, and your dog’s individual progress. Generally, training programs are designed to be comprehensive, and the duration can range from several weeks to a few months, with regular sessions scheduled to ensure steady progress.

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While training can significantly improve aggressive behavior in most dogs, the success of rehabilitation depends on the specific case and the commitment of both the owner and the trainer. Severe cases of aggression may require more time and specialized interventions. It’s important to consult with a professional dog trainer experienced in aggression to assess the potential for rehabilitation in your dog.

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